Frequently Asked Questions

1) Will taking NanoCBD 4 Life make me high?

CBD (cannabidiol) is the active ingredient in NanoCBD 4 Life. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive so it doesn’t make you high. One can drive and work safely at their job with no adverse effects from taking NanoCBD 4 Life.


2) How safe is CBD in general?

In 2018 the World Health Organization (WHO) stated, “ ….No public health problems have been associated with CBD use”. In 2018 the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) said, “…..There is little indication that CBD has abuse potential or presents a significant risk to public health”. And again the same year the FDA stated, “….There’s no evidence that CBD causes physical or psychic dependence”. Bottom line….CBD is well tolerated, even in large doses. Research suggests any side effects that do occur with CBD use are likely the result of drug-to-drug interactions between CBD and other medications you may be taking.


3) Is NanoCBD 4 Life safe for children?

CBD is found in the FDA approved medication called Epidilox which requires a doctor’s prescription. Even though the CBD concentration found in NanoCBD 4 Life is less than the doctor-prescribed CBD, we suggest you consult with your physician before you allow a child to take it..


4) Is NanoCBD 4 Life safe for pregnant/lactating women?

Very little study has been done in this area of interest. We recommend you consult with your physician before taking.


5) How long will NanoCBD 4 Life stay in your system?

It is metabolized at about 5-6 hours. That’s why we recommend you take a dose of 15 mL twice a day. Our attached cup is conveniently marked showing the right amount so no need for guessing.


6) How big of a deal is the twice a day dosing?

One of the criticisms of current CBD products is the lack of standardized dosing instructions. Many CBD products are vague or entirely lack instructions telling the consumer how much and how often they should take the product. NanoCBD 4 Life has a conveniently attached pre-marked cup with specific instructions on how much and how often you should take the product. Taking the recommended amount insures you’ll be getting the maximum benefits. Taking the product twice a day ensures that more of the benefits of the CBD stay in your body throughout the entire day and even over night.


7) Why Does NanoCBD 4 Life Seem More Expensive Than Other CBD Products?

NanoCBD 4 Life is truly a unique, premium product….there’s nothing out there quite like it. The cost to develop and engineer a nano-product far exceeds the cost to make any similar product in tablet, tincture, gummy or capsule form. When you’re trying to design a remarkable nano- engineered product that demands 99% absorption, you need to know a lot about a lot of things. This is where the proprietary Intelligent NanoDelivery System™ works its magic. All the elements of science are needed to make it happen. First, chemistry is needed to know how to keep things together. Physics is needed to know how things move together and how they work together. Biology is needed to know in order to understand how the product’s environment is going to respond to these materials. Finally, engineering is needed to know to understand how scaling up will change all the variables to make them work synergistically. Then like a “perfect storm”, the pieces must all come together simultaneously to create the most efficacious, highly- targeted and most meaningful product for your body—NanoCBD 4 Life. It simply cost more because it is more…a lot more! Listen here as Dr. Ostafin explains the amazing nuances of nanotechnology.


8) I’m taking a prescription medication for a specific health issue. Can I take NanoCBD 4 Life as well?

If you are taking any prescribed medications, we recommend you consult with your physician before taking NanoCBD 4 LifeNanoCBD 4 Life should never be used to substitute any medication that may have been prescribed by your doctor.


9) Is NanoCBD 4 Life legal?

It’s unfortunate that for decades outdated laws have banned CBD, the non-intoxicating organic compound found in the hemp plant. Because CBD can also be extracted—but not exclusively—from the same marijuana plant which produces THC, it’s made it very convenient (and confusing) for the regulators to seemingly clump CBD and THC together in the same category. However, the CBD found in NanoCBD 4 Life is derived from the whole plant THC-free oil extracted from the low-resin hemp plant which now makes it legal in all 50 states. Fortunately, new state laws are being passed almost weekly expanding the availability of this extremely versatile therapeutic compound. We hope someday FDA regulations will allow us to add CBD to supplements and food products as well. This will assuredly increase its versatility and effectiveness.


10) There are a lot of CBD products in the marketplace today. What makes NanoCBD 4 Life so different?

We are proud to use the unique proprietary Intelligent NanoDelivery System™ in the production of NanoCBD 4 Life. This exceptional technology protects our CBD against photodegradation and chemical oxidation thus retaining its potency longer than any other water-based CBD product. At the same time, the Intelligent NanoDelivery System™ improves the bioavailability of NanoCBD 4 Life dramatically by promoting efficient sublingual absorption directly into the bloodstream. The swallowed portion is protected from stomach acids and intestinal enzymes, while encouraging the efficient uptake and processing by enterocytes of the small intestines. NanoCBD 4 Life has the highest bioavailability of any product in this category at an incredible 99% absorption rate.

Another competitive advantage NanoCBD 4 Life has over its peers is the ease in which you take it. We completely eliminate the “swallowing difficulties” associated with capsules, soft gels, or tablets. In an investigational study using 10 years of adverse effects data submitted to the FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Adverse Event Reporting System (CAERS), out of 20,791 reported cases, 3,962 (19.1%) indicated swallowing problems when taking medications or supplements in tablet or soft gel form. This led to accidental under-dosing or even a conscious decision not to take a particular medicine or supplement due to swallowing difficulties. With NanoCBD 4 Life you have the ease of swishing and swallowing nature’s finest….refreshingly pure WATER.


11) What makes NanoCBD 4 Life so effective?

In 1992, the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) was discovered in the human body. The ECS is a vast network of cell receptors with many functions. Scientists describe the ECS as the greatest neurotransmitter system in the human body. Certain receptors are heavily concentrated in the central nervous system while others are found in almost every organ of the body.

Four primary purposes of the ECS include neuroprotection, stress recovery, immune balance, and homeostatic regulation. Homeostasis is a system that creates optimum energy balance in the body, the most important in wellness. Scientists are still discovering how CBD appears to tap into this “balancing” system to produce its therapeutic effect. The CBD molecule is able to interact with cells in our body because the molecule has a similar composition to certain chemicals that the human body naturally produces called endocannabinoids. It is this cellular interaction that produces the unbelievable therapeutic value of CBD. What’s so exciting is that we’re only at the cusp of what CBD can and will do for good health moving forward.


12) Is NanoCBD 4 Life 99% absorption rate really that big of deal?

No…it’s not a big deal—it’s a HUGE deal! When a food or supplement is ingested into the digestive tract, one may only obtain a 10% absorption rate—30% tops depending on the health of their microbiome. By achieving 99% absorption through the most permeable membrane of the body –the inner lining of the mouth— NanoCBD 4 Life immediately enters the bloodstream and quickly interacts at the cellular level bypassing concentration gradient and ion transport channels which can inhibit the efficiency of nutrient compounds. In reality, NanoCBD 4 Life represents a tremendous value because more of what you take hits the target of need via a bath of CBD-laden purified water.


13) Not sure I understand the whole mumbo-jumbo “surface-area” concept of Nanotechnology. Can you make it a little easier to understand?

It’s hard not to get a little scientific when it comes to explaining nanotechnology. However, if you’ll go to the National Nanotechnology Initiatives website (, they perform a thought experiment that explains why when compared to our competitor’s capsule, tablet, or soft gel product, NanoCBD 4 Life has such a phenomenally higher absorption rate due to its nano-sized “surface area”. The numbers supporting NanoCBD 4 Life absorption rate are staggering! It’s the main differentiator between NanoCBD 4 Life and all other CBD products.


14) My doctor claims that CBD products are mostly “snake oil”.

As we mentioned, there’s a lot of confusion and misinformation (and politics) surrounding CBD. Many health care professionals have not kept pace with their understanding of CBD and its’ benefits. Rightfully, a lot of the controversy surrounding CBD is due to the somewhat “wild west” approach that has occurred within the industry itself. Due to CBD’s seemingly “trendy” positioning in the marketplace, confusing regulatory requirements, and the bombardment of unscrupulous marketing, it’s not surprising that the general population and the medical community are in disarray as to what constitutes accurate information regarding CBD. However, the overall scientific understanding of the medicinal benefits of CBD has improved dramatically just in the last couple years. Backed by strong evidence found in hundreds of scientific studies (see reference page), CBD is increasingly being recognized by medical professionals and the public as a safe, effective and potentially very important form of therapy. Even though CBD is becoming more mainstream in its acceptance to treat various maladies, it’s still very important to use due diligence when shopping for CBD products. After all, CBD products are being used to promote good health and improve overall wellness, so make sure you’re getting only the best for your body.