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With the recent explosion of new knowledge supporting the use of cannabinoids (more specifically CBD) for the treatment of a host of ailments in both humans and animals, it’s no wonder there’s a super wave of CBD products sweeping the globe. With the recent discovery of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), significant advancements in our understanding of CBD and its effects on the human body have leapt to the forefront. Research has shown how the amazing natural organic compound CBD is involved in almost all aspects of mammalian physiology and pathology. It’s exciting that evidence based research has demonstrated the amazing effects CBD has on our body’s cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2) which regulate various aspects of our physiological , behavioral, immunological and metabolic functions. That’s why CBD therapies are now being safely promoted for conditions related to those various bodily functions. It’s believed that science has only tapped the surface of what benefits lay in store for the use of CBD products. But, are all CBD products the same? Will CBD make me “high”? Is CBD legal? Is it safe?

Unfortunately, when something bursts on the scene as quickly as CBD has, a lot of confusion and misinformation surrounds it. Throw in the political and Big Pharma mutterings regarding the use and regulation of CBD and it’s no wonder a lot of people don’t know what to think. It’s sad there are even some in the health care industry whose agenda is to keep you confused and afraid of CBD so they can keep you buying their often times addictive and questionably effective medications. Many health care professionals, innocently or otherwise, have not kept pace in their understanding of CBD and its incredible benefits.


Frequently, people are concerned about the stigma associated with consuming a cannabis-related product. Rest assured that the CBD found in NanoCBD 4 Life has ZERO THC, meaning it won’t make you high, not one bit! Our CBD is derived from the organic hemp plant—a cousin to the marijuana plant—but very different. There’s an entirely different compound found in marijuana known as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the compound that creates the “high”. Marijuana with its THC is always produced from the high-resin drug plant, where as our CBD is derived from whole plant THC-free oil extracted from the low-resin Hemp plant. Unlike products containing THC, CBD is legal in all 50 states.


So are all CBD products the same? Our answer—emphatically NO! What makes NanoCBD 4 Life so uniquely different and effective from all other CBD products is the technology found in our nanoparticle water. We use pharmaceutical grade hemp oil which is infused into water clusters using a unique proprietary system Intelligent NanoDelivery System™. Our hemp oil is broken down into minute nanoparticles (<20 nm), allowing water molecules to completely wrap and surround the CBD, thus making NanoCBD 4 Life highly absorbable. In fact, when 15ml of NanoCBD 4 Life is swished in the mouth for 30 seconds, and then swallowed, an amazing absorption rate of 99% occurs. This is a vast improvement over the paltry 10-30% absorption rate that happens when CBD enters the digestive system in a non-nanosized form such as tablet, soft gel capsule or powder mixture in water. Due to the highly permeable membrane in the mouth (buccal mucosa) our nanosized NanoCBD 4 Life molecules enter directly into the bloodstream and penetrate most any cellular membrane by bypassing concentration gradient and ion transport channels.


Also, be keenly aware that not all “nano” products sold are truly nanosized. Most CBD water products are merely a mixture of macro (large) particles dissolved in solution or suspension form. We’ve chosen to follow the nanosize standard set by the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) by requiring our CBD oil be nanosized to even less than the NNI’s minimal required level of 100 nm. (NanoCBD 4 Life particles are less than 20 nm in size) However, the NNI standard is not enforceable. Therefore, companies can claim their products are nanosized even if they are greater (sometimes much greater) than 100 nm in size.


NanoCBD 4 Life is simply the most exciting and innovative CBD product in the marketplace today. It consists of potential anti-inflammatory/anti-oxidative properties of CBD in a high-tech delivery system that facilitates a miraculous 99% absorption rate. What’s even more amazing is our CBD is all wrapped up and infused into the universal carrier of all nutrients….WATER! NanoCBD 4 Life—simply pure, simply effective and simply easy to take.


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